Short Vacation in Cape Town, now onward to BENIN!

The leadership team I proudly serve with!

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We arrived in Cape Town, South Africa for a short weekend vacation and are now headed to our final destination…BENIN, WEST AFRICA!!
While in Cape Town we were allowed off the ship to explore and be tourists in the city. I was able to see some spectacular mountain & ocean views! It was truly incredible!
In other news, my NIECE was born! My sister, Sarah, and her husband Joel are the proud parents of Ruth JoAnn Fink! She made her debut into the world Thursday, August 4th @ 8:07pm EST. This happened around 2:00AM my time. Thankfully, the ship was docked in Cape Town so I had good internet and was able to facetime with them shortly after the birth! Enjoy the pictures!
The sail from Cape Town to Benin will take about 8-10 days. During this time the leadership team and myself are busily preparing for the 10-month field service. As you can see from the picture, I will be serving with a group of 11 other women. These nurse team leaders are in charge of the nurses who come to work in the hospital aboard the ship; as well as other departments such as admissions, physical therapy & dressing changes. I feel excited and privileged to work with them! They are so encouraging and supportive! Throughout the sail, as a team, will continue to get to know each other, have devotions, do team building activities and plan for the upcoming field service. Right now I’m reading the admissions manual and talking with the other leaders about my role, but I cannot actually see the admissions tent or anything tangible about my job. This type of preparation is very abstract and hard for me. I am a visual learner and hands-on person. But that’s not the kind of preparation that is required right now. I’d appreciate your prayers as I navigate this uncharted territory and as I ask the Father to prepare my heart and mind for whatever lies ahead!
Thank you!



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